January 25, 2010

Buying Jeans in France and My New Favorite Store

Finding a pair of jeans in France that fit me is not easy. Actually, finding any clothes here that fit me isn't easy.

I am short. Only 5 foot, 1¾ inches. (don't mock the ¾ inches - it counts!)
My height shouldn't be a problem as many French women down here in the south are short like me. Also I am...how do you say...a bit round. I wouldn't call myself Rubenesque, but definitely hourglass.
But it seems that the clothes here are all made for those willowy, bony model types who live in Paris and other places in France. I wouldn't know because I never encounter them. But I'm sure they exist. Don't they?
If not, then who is wearing all of these clothes?

Anyway, finding a pair of jeans that I look and feel good in has always been a pain.

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Over the summer I dropped about 20 pounds. Working as a chef in a scorching hot restaurant kitchen six nights a week is admittedly the best diet I've ever been on. Can't say that it didn't require lots of sweating and cursing, but it did mean that I drank liters and liters of water every day and had little or no appetite.

By the beginning of October my jeans literally hung off of me. I tried cinching them up with belts and folding over the tops, but they just didn't fit.
Thus the search for a new pair began.

My rescue finally came in the form of my new favorite store - Promod. They actually have clothes that fit me! Clothes that are comfortable, cute and don't break the bank.
And one of the best things about them, you'll appreciate this if you live in France, they accept returns. No discussion, no argument, no having to give up your first born child for un bon d'achat that expires in 6 months. Just a "thank you, here's your money back and have a nice day."

Good jeans and good customer service. It just doesn't get much better than that.

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