August 5, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Cabécou de l'Aveyron

Somehow this one slipped under the radar.

Back in April, my friend Betty (of La France Profonde) came for the weekend toting a rather large gift basket that was stuffed with all sorts of delicious goodies from the Aveyron.
Best of all were the six kinds of cheese tucked inside!
We enjoyed Le Petit Campredon and Tomme d'Estaing, savored the huge wedge of Roquefort and gave l'Ecir en Aubrac another try. (It was better the second time around)

So, how on earth did I forget to include Cabécou de l'Aveyron in a weekly Fête du Fromage?

Oh well. Better late than never.

Simple and straightforward, this unpasteurized, farm produced fromage de chèvre has fresh, grassy and milky flavors and a delicious soft, oozing texture. This is a young piece, less than two weeks old, so the flavor was quite mild.
As Cabécou matures, a layer of blue mold develops on its thin rind, the cheese dries out and the flavor becomes more intense and goaty.

The word Cabécou means "small goat" in Occitan, a thousand year old Romance language that is still spoken in the south of France.
Because of its tiny size, each little wheel is a perfect, one-person portion. You can share if you want to, however. I did.
But I can't promise to next time!

A glass of dry white wine such as Sancerre or a hearty red such as a Côteaux du Languedoc would be good wine pairings with Cabécou de l'Aveyron. Pin It


Betty C. said...

At first I thought it was the same piece that I had brought you in April! I guess you can find it in your parts too!

Loulou said...

That is the piece you brought! I took a photo and wrote my tasting notes and never posted it.
Thanks again!

Betty C. said...

OK, je comprends!I was wondering what state it would have been in after all these months. Very dry?

croquecamille said...

I love the little single-serving goat cheeses!

Loulou said...

Either very dry and strong or inedible! :)

Me too! Sometimes I love not having to share. :)