August 7, 2009

Photo du Jour - Les Nems

Ah, les nems!

We actually went out to lunch. In a city.
In other words, I got my you-know-what out of bed early enough to feed and walk the dogs, have coffee, take a shower and get dressed and all pretty, and drive 35 minutes to Narbonne.
All of this before noon!

You see, I had to get to les Halles to get some cheese for la Fête du Fromage as I've pretty much exhausted all of my cheese sources here in the Minervois. Husband was easily enticed along by the promise of lunch in a little Chinese (i.e. Vietnamese) resto that we enjoy.

It was fabulous to Get Out of the House and Get Out of the Village.

And the cheese I found in les Halles - amazing!
Lunch was pretty darn good too. No rosé and no baguette, just nems and fried wontons, Tsingtao beer, super spicy sautéed chicken and steamed rice and Vietnamese chicken salad.

All in all, a great afternoon. Pin It


Aeneas said...

Narbonne! You are NEAR Narbonne? I love that place. I have no idea why... May be I was in a particularly good mood that day, but I enjoyed it immensily. :)

Sandy said...

those fried wontons look delish!

Alison said...

Honestly, the first thing I said when I saw your photo was "Oh, putain, des nems !"

And the rest of your lunch sounds just as awesome.

Judith said...

Mm, nems! There's this chinese buffet in Montpellier that I miss so much right now...

Loulou said...

Yes, about 30 minutes away. It is a great little town!

I would call them eggrolls, but they were delicious! :)

They were a welcome change from all the French and Italian food I've been cooking at home lately.

There's a Chinese buffet place in Narbonne too, but it is awful!
The Chinese/Vietnamese food in Montpellier is much better.

Betty C. said...

Oh, those Nems look delicious. A nice Tsingtao goes well with them too. What restaurant is this in Montpellier?

spacedlaw said...

It's a long time since I made nems... SO good.
Are we having an international cheese fest this month?

Loulou said...

The restaurant we liked in Montpellier is closed now. It was called Cheng Du.
I've also eaten at random little places around town that were always decent. Can't remember their names though!

September 15 will be the next Fête du Fromage Cheese Tasting. Can't wait to see what you have to share!

spacedlaw said...

Great! I still have a little time to hunt around...