August 4, 2009

Paris to Cuba

A few weeks ago I got an email with a simple request; would I be willing to review a new CD?

Hmm...sounded interesting.
I kept reading.

"Blending hints of Pink Martini and Buena Vista Social Club, the percussion section laps as a wave on an empty beach. It is easy for the listener to get lost in the guitar solos, mysterious accordion and nostalgic, sweeping strings. This is not your typical jazz or world record."

They had me at Pink Martini.

Then it got better.

"The album is the embodiment of summer; music that immediately calls to mind a sunset on the Seine.
Mario Grigorov, the project’s creator, found his inspiration for the record through the Parisian mood and architecture he admires so much during his time spent in Paris, as well as the traditional and classical French music he has always loved.
Nearly all tracks on the album are instrumental, with the exception of three songs that feature stunning vocals by Melissa Newman that are reminiscent of Madeleine Peyroux."

OK. Pink Martini, Buena Vista Social Club and Madeleine Peyroux? I could hardly contain my excitement! With that combination I knew I would be smitten.

Paris to Cuba, by Mario Grigorov, is deliciously smooth and sultry.
Sunset on the Seine? Most definitely. I also picture a laid back beach bar with the rhythm of the waves breaking in the background. Or sitting in a stylish, urban cocktail lounge with friends, toasting each other with caipirinhas or mojitos.

The majority of the songs are instrumental, with three of the ten tracks featuring the silky, soothing voice of Melissa Newman, described as "a cross between Billie Holiday and Patsy Cline".

Paris to Cuba is a brilliant, soulful collection of music. I love it. And I think you will too. Pin It


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A great request I would say and very very different! You sound very excited (strange how you can tell) so it must be good!!

The Beaver said...

Did you enjoy a "mohito" whilst listening to the music ? :-)

Valerie, En Bonne Compagnie said...

Wow! I love BVSC and have just got into Madeleine so this sounds right up my street.....Pllleeeaase bring it into work so I can hear it 8-)

Brunofrance said...

from cheese critic to music critic. is there no end to this woman's talents?
time to get paid for all this knowledge, sweetie.
oh - and how about a grilled cheese with bacon for lunch?

Loulou said...

It is a great CD! And yes, I was very excited when I read the description. :)

I played it a lot while driving, so alas, no, I did not. But I plan on making a batch one of these days. It will be the perfect accompaniment.

I will! It is in the car so I just need to remember to bring it in.
Isn't Madeleine Peyroux fabulous?

Grilled cheese and bacon sandwich? I think some chicken in a really, really spicy sauce sounds better....

JChevais said...

I loved this album too and Mr C is a fan as well.

Woot to music reviews!

Loulou said...

I enjoyed reading your review and hope that they will inspire people to go out and buy the CD!

buzzy bee said...

You sound very romantic... where to get the album?

Loulou said...

buzzy bee
If you clink on the Paris to Cuba link, you will find out where to purchase the album.