June 4, 2009

Vidimo se kasnije...

or should I say la Revedere*?

After six glorious days in Paris with my sister I have a couple of days at home before leaving again to meet friends from New Orleans.

You'll never guess where they've invited me to join them this year.

Over the years we've spent time together in some amazing cities: Barcelona, Avignon, Milan, Geneva, Dublin and Lucca, to name a few. And there are so many wonderful European cities left to discover, I was expecting the choice to be spectacular.

So what did they choose? Or should I say, what did one of them choose and the rest of us are following along like good little lemmings?

Zagreb and Bucharest.
And we're even going to go spend a night in Transylvania. Possibly in a castle. (I'm still waiting for husband to tuck some heads of garlic into my suitcase)

I must admit, neither of them would have been my first choice.
Why not Rome or Lisbon? Oslo or Copenhagen? Budapest or Munich? At first I was a bit disappointed, but now I'm really excited. I have absolutely no expectations, and that is a good thing, right? Also, I'm traveling with three of the best people to explore new places with.

So, off to Eastern Europe I go!

*See you later!

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Nadege said...

Eastern Europe is pretty cheap compare to other Western capitals. You will find good crystals and linen... to buy. The people are very down to earth, not at all snobish and you will be with your friends so how great is that? Enjoy the unknown!

veronica said...

I'll be really interested to hear what you think of Zagreb. We visited before the war (1990) and while it's a beautiful city, the food on offer was generally dreadful (typical restaurant meal: tinned soup followed by carbonised lumps of meat served with tinned peas!). I'm sure it's improved since then. But the ice cream was fantastic -- as good as Italian!

Try to get to the seaside if you can, the Adriatic coast is fabulous and the only reason I would consider going back there.

Sarah said...

I'm dying to go to Croatia, can't wait to hear what you think. I've heard that driving into the countryside around Zagreb can be really lovely and provide better food options.

Don't know much about Bucharest, but hoping it's like an undiscovered Prague or Budapest for you.

All your travels are making me muy jealous!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Ok not my choice either, but the fact that friends asked you to join them is brilliant...British people just don't do that, well not most...I have asked friends to travel with me, but they won't...because they want to go with their families and husbands..

I will have a holiday with my husband later in the year, but its not the same as going with a female, as I found out on my first ever holiday with out hubby, it was brilliant, shopping, cafes,, chatter, etc etc..

I hope you have a super time..:-)

Aeneas said...

I'm half Transylvanian... ***grins***

Transylvania has a huge Hungarian population, as it belonged to Hungary for a long time. It's a touchy subject, btw.

Loulou said...

We're enjoying our first 24 hours and finding it a very lively, lovely place.

So far the food is great. But we're not finding many traditional Croatian restaurants. Lots of Italian restos.
Not sure if we'll make it to the sea, but I've heard it is gorgeous. Thanks for the recommendation.

We might try to get out into the countryside on Monday. I've heard good things too.
Liking the city so far!

These three are great to travel with (even though they are all men!) :)
We've shared many adventures over the years and are talking about going to Greece together in 2010. I would love that!

Thanks for letting me know. We'll be careful not to mention it!