June 6, 2009

Photos du Jour - Zagreb Markets

Loved the two lively, bustling outdoor markets that we visited in Zagreb this morning. Bought some fruit, pastries and homemade cheese to try. Pin It


Veronica said...

I remember that market. We'd been camping for a few days beforehand, and trying to find edible fresh food in local shops was a challenge. We though we'd reached paradise when we got to Zagreb and found this market :)

PS is fish still extortionately expensive? It looked fab, but we couldn't afford anything except squid, which we ate a lot of.

vicki archer said...

Those cherries...have fun, xv.

georgiegirl said...

I viewed all your photos plus those taken in Paris. They made me wanting to go back to Paris for a long visit and stay in the flat instead of the hotel. Your apartment looked great. Would you share the info with me? I love to have those views and a balcony. BTW, I almost finish David's book. I can give you my personal email address, if you prefer.

Cathy said...

Love the photos, Loulou. Outdoor markets are a particular favorite and I always search them out when I travel.

Loulou said...

We didn't go into the seafood section as it was a hot day and we could already smell the seafood "aroma" from 30 feet away! :)
The selection of fruit, vegetables and meat was great though.

Don't they look delicious?

Hope you enjoy David's book as much as I did. We had a great time in Paris and the flat we stayed in is this one: http://www.holidays-france-rentals.com/apartments/view-apartment.php?id=43
Hope you get there soon!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them.