June 3, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Le Petit Fiancé des Pyrénées

Voilà Le Petit Fiancé des Pyrénées. Another fabulous, yet very different, fromage de chèvre.

This pressed, natural rind, unpasteurized fermier goat's cheese is nothing like a fresh, crumbly-centered Loire Valley chèvre. Instead, le Petit Fiancé des Pyrénées reminds me of a young Reblochon, somewhat like le Chevrotin des Aravis, only softer and more delicate.

It is produced in the Ariège department in the Pyrénées (as you probably already guessed). It is rich with yeast, nuts and salty flavors. The pâte gently oozes when you cut into it, promising a wonderful cheese. It did not disappoint!

"Enjoy it now," the Fromager said. "Do not refrigerate it and do not let it mature, it is ready to eat this week."

Let it mature???
As I gently placed it into my bag, noting its dense, supple texture through the wax paper, I couldn't wait to get home, tear off a hunk of baguette and slice off a wedge. Not a chance that I was letting this one sit around any longer than necessary.

Le Petit Fiancé des Pyrénées' hefty price tag was worth every luscious mouthful. It didn't take us long to polish it off and how I wish I had bought two instead of just one so we could have savored it all week.
I didn't, and in only two days it was gone.

I need to get some more. Soon.

Light red wines, such as a Mâcon from Burgundy, will compliment this cheese perfectly. Pin It


spacedlaw said...

Doesn't the guy know that you'd need to be chained to leave any chance to a cheese you have purchased to mature?

Nadege said...

Spacedlaw made me laugh. I am salivating reading the description. Is there a difference with the kind of bread you eat compare to crackers?

Danielle said...

Hello, beautiful! Great shot of the oozing wedge; I am going to search airfares for the next flight to Ariège.

Sandy said...

That does look and sound like a yummy cheese. =)

Veronica said...

hmmm, that cheese loooks gorgeous. Will definitely look out for it -- where did you get it?

Loulou said...

So true!

I hardly ever eat crackers here, so bread is what we have with cheese. But water crackers would be good too.

I'll join you there!

It was fantastic stuff. Now I'm craving more. :)

Les Halles in Narbonne. Toward the back, facing the center aisle. Do you know which one I mean?

Veronica said...

The one that always has a long queue, right? :)

Loulou said...

Yes, that's the one!