June 2, 2009

Photo du Jour - Quelle Vue!

It doesn't get much better than this.

Putting your feet up while you sip on a refreshing, cool glass of white Burgundy and dive into a fantastic book while the sun sets over Paris on another warm and sunny day.
With that view! Pin It


Justin said...

I love it! Such a great view. Enjoy your vacation.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

You must of been over the moon with the apartment, such a brilliant view, (great swap) ...you must let me know which apartment it was ...Oh I miss Paris..

Nadege said...

How relaxing! I just ordered David Lebovitz's book as well as Judith Thurman bio of Isaac Denisen. The comments of May 27 on David's blog were very funny.
Have a terrific time!

Gavin Sherry said...

Looks fantastic. Making me home sick.

Sandy said...

Well isn't that fancy! Amazing. Great shot!

parlezvouskiwi said...

Life can not get much better than that! Lucky thing! Enjoy :-)

cynthia in the french alps said...

Holy crap! What a great photo and view! Good choice. My views include the French Alps, at least they did until the neighbor's tree got too tall. We'll need to talk to them about that. Congrats on the blog, Cynthia in France

Jennifer said...

It was spectacular. Truly!

It was in the link of Paris apartments that I sent you. If you still have it, it is called Picasso. Let me know if you need it again.

His book was great! I couldn't put it down. Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

We really loved staying there. (Even though the beds were really uncomfortable!)


No, it really doesn't. :)

Glad you like the blog. And the view.

Wish I had that view every day..

georgiegirl said...

I just checked these comments. So it was a Picasso. Was the bed that bad? Husband loves good comfy bed. We stayed at the Sumner in London. Boy, the bed was great.

Jennifer said...

The bed was pretty hard, so if you need a super soft bed, I wouldn't suggest this one. His properties are all fantastic, so I'm sure there is one with a soft bed.