March 17, 2009

Photos du Jour - Almost...

Basking in the sun and loving the warm air. Clearing out the cobwebs and the clutter. Throwing open the windows and letting the house breathe. Waiting for asparagus and strawberries to arrive in the markets.

It is almost spring.

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martha said...

Those are so beautiful. I am so envious. It is snowing and sleeting rain - again today. Will spring never come here?

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Wow...wonderful photos..oh yes another lovely day here, spring is definetely round the corner!!

Betty C. said...

OMG -- PLEASE let the weather be like this when I come and see you! Spring has sprung here too, but the vegetation is barely getting out of winter mode.

Loulou said...

Yes, warm, spring weather will eventually arrive! Don't be discouraged.

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying some too.

I'll have a chat with Mother Nature and see what we can arrange. :)