March 16, 2009

Photo du Jour - Dolmen des Fados

The Dolmen des Fados or le Dolmen de Fées (Fairy Dolmen)

A 24 meter long, megalithic dolmen tomb that sits on a small hill about 4 kilometers from our village. The sign leading up to the site states that the dolmen is more that 5000 years old. Other sources state that it was built during the Iron Age, making it only about 3000 years old. Pin It


Ken Broadhurst said...

One of your earlier posts was about the village of Pézenas. For some reason, I looked up the late singer Bobby Lapointe, who wrote and performed very funny songs with lots of puns and word play. He was a native of Pézenas. Funny coincidence.

garry said...

Thank you for this post.

I visted it twice this summer - once on horseback and then two days later when my son ( a photographer) took many photographs.

I remember on horseback the local girl taking me up the hill to the site - how she struggled in English to tell me what it was.

Than as my son took photographs in the afternoon heat I sat under a tree,listening to the crickets(?) and wondered how many other people through the centuries had sat there.
I felt very small but connected.

Ksam said...

Oh, very cool pic - I absolutely LOVE dolmen!!

Laura [What I Like] said...

This is what makes me envious of those living in various European countries...stone walls and other fascinating! The workmanship that must go into these things is truly impressive.

Loulou said...

Another claim to fame in Pézenas - Molière lived there for some time.

It is a very peaceful spot. How wonderful that you know it as well!
We always take guests to this dolmen. It never fails to disappoint.

Me too!
My friend in Brittany has been telling me about the megalithic sites up there. They sound so cool!

The history here never fails to impress and amaze me. I love living in the midst of it.