March 17, 2009

La Fête du Fromage - Tomette de Vache

Until yesterday, I couldn't remember the name of this cheese.

While looking around my Flickr page during an early morning, jet-lag induced haze last week, I stumbled across a series of photos taken last summer of a cheese with no name. And to add to the mystery, I have somehow misplaced the little notebook where I keep a list of all the cheeses that I've tasted.

A couple of days of rummaging through drawers, looking under furniture (we have two cats, so nothing is safe in our house) and sorting through piles of paper yielded nothing. Though I did find my favorite fountain pen and an earring. But no sign of the cheese notebook.

Fortunately, I had a record of my tasting notes written down in another notebook. Have I ever mentioned that I have a weakness for blank books and stationery?
After some research and sifting through photo archives, I have deduced that this is a wedge of Tomette de Vache. It was confirmed this morning at the market where I recognized it at one of the cheesemonger's stalls.

Then, just before I sat down to write this post, I made one, final search through my blog archives and lo and behold, I have already tasted Tomette de Vache. I just hadn't noticed it before because I had spelled it Tommette de Vache.
Alors, it seems I'm repeating a cheese post.

But if you don't mind indulging me, I would like to offer you a second, succinct review of Tomette de Vache.

This is an honest and enjoyable fermier, unpasteurized cow's milk cheese. Not too strong and not too mild. It has a very pleasant, soft and chewy texture and the flavor is well rounded and somewhat salty, with delicious hints of earth and mushrooms.
In my opinion, Tomette de Vache is a really nice, satisfying cheese. There are others that I prefer, but I definitely wouldn't turn down a hunk of this cheese!

It paired well with a glass of local, Minervois red wine. Pin It


Chichiboulie said...

Delicieux! J'ai toujours du mal a choisir le fromage a acheter, tellement il y en a et surtout tellement ils ont l'air si bons!

Anonymous said...

Love the design on the rind!

Laura [What I Like] said...

That fig is absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

an incredible cheese! let me tell you again how jealous i am of all your tastings...



Loulou said...

Choosing is difficult. Now when I'm putting together a cheese plate, I buy a couple of my favorites and a wedge of something that I've never tried before. I'm rarely disappointed!

Isn't it cool?

Figs grow like weeds here. When I walk the dogs during the summer and early autumn I can snack on figs along the way.

It was a good one. :)
You should start tasting too! There is a wealth of artisan cheese available in America.

Valerie, En Bonne Compagnie said...

I do love your writing - today's really brought a smile to my face regarding the lost notebook (ask Craig about when he lost his recipe book from when he was 16!!) and the papeterie/plumes fetish. My Mum was so bad with collecting pens that I used to find my favourites at her house 8-)

Loulou said...

You must photocopy or scan Craig's notebook before it gets lost or run through the dishwasher accidentally or something.