March 18, 2009

Photo du Jour - Frolicking in the Flowers

Snowy carpets of alyssum cover the landscape every spring.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer,

I love your photos and your write ups and follow you site regularly with interest. Living in the north of Europe the sun, snow and countryside scenes raise my spirits regularly – but I am also a liitle confused. You enthused so much about being back in the Languedoc after your recent journey and yet at times you seem to prefer other parts of France better (I recall comments on negative experiences with some locals) and you have your home up for sale. I have been seriously tempted, when I retire, to spend a significant part of the year in the Languedoc. Am I missing something ? – should I be looking elsewhere ?.


Loulou said...

I love many areas of France! It is an enchanting place.
I'm not sure which negative experience you're referring to...but life is never perfect and unkind people exist everywhere. I often complain about bureaucracy because, as an American, we often have to struggle with it.

Our house is for sale because we would like to have a different house, either here in the Languedoc or maybe in the Charentes. The main reason that we have been looking up north is because home prices are more reasonable there and we know we could get the kind of house we want more easily.

But for the moment, I don't think we're leaving the Languedoc. We both love it here and feel incredibly happy to have found such a lovely place to live.
I can't tell you if this is the perfect place for you or not. Guess you'll have to try it and see! :)

I hope this clears up any confusion.

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

How cute!! Spring is definetely here...:-)

Loulou said...

Yes! It's about time.
I know you appreciate the sun and warm days like I do.