November 11, 2008

La Fête du Fromage - Timanoix

Somehow, in the midst of my Parisian cheese orgy in September, I forgot to take a photo of Timanoix, a monastic cheese that I bought in one of Pascal Beillevaire's shops.
Fortunately it looks almost exactly like a cheese we tasted last June, so if you need a visual, have a look at the photos from La Fête du Fromage featuring Trappe Echourgnac.

Timanoix is another impressive cheese from Brittany, a region that is celebrated for its sweet butter, but isn't really known for cheese. From what I've tasted, the cheese they do offer is of very high quality and exquisite flavor.

It is produced by Trappist monks in the style of Trappe Echourgnac at the l'Abbaye Notre Dame de Timadeuc, located in the town Bréhan in southern Brittany. A rich, chocolate brown rind enrobes a cream colored, semi-soft cheese made of unpasteurized cow's milk cheese. I've also seen it described online as pasteurized, so possibly it is pasteurized for export?

Frequent bathing in walnut liqueur and brine during two months of affinage produces a cheese with a rich, warm aroma and pronounced, walnut flavor that also has enticing hints of coffee and smoke. The texture is at the same time silky, creamy and chewy.
I believe this one could be an acquired taste, but I found its earthy, nutty flavor absolutely delicious!

The robust flavor of Timanoix would pair well with some strong, hearty ale or a glass of Cabernet Franc.

Don't forget to join in November's La Fête du Fromage International Cheese Tasting Event! The deadline for entries is November 13. Pin It


martha said...

How I envy you, your real French cheeses. Estonia doesn't produce ANYTHING worthy of calling cheese much less posting about - a legacy of Soviet era collectivization. So, I'll just have to content myself with reading your posts and drooling - 'er dreaming.

spacedlaw said...

Crumbs! Is that the time of the month already? Better get blogging then...
Thank goodness, this time I got the pictures early)

Jennifer said...

you'll have to come to France and eat cheese, then take a bunch home with you. :)

A month goes by too quickly, doesn't it?