November 11, 2008

Photo du Jour - Cépage

Cépage - French for grape variety
Each individual color represents a different cépage that grows here in the Minervois. Pin It


HamishWM said...

Great Pic, Loulou. Every time Sue and I drive around I keep on saying 'where's the camera?'. This time of year is sensational. Multi coloured transitional phase. One big chill/frost and all these colours will disappear.

martha said...

Beautiful photo. Before my knees gave out and the arthritis kicked, it was one of my dreams to participate in a vendage in France. I had done that 2 or 3 times on Crete and it's damn hard work, but incredibly satisfying.

Cathy said...

Another beautiful photo. Your countryside looks very much like mine here in the Pacific Northwest. Very green, vibrant fall colors and lots of vineyards. I live in the heart of wine country.

Jennifer said...

Merci! This is the most amazing, gorgeous autumn we've experienced in almost 6 years. I hope the colors last a couple of more weeks, when B's son arrives from the States for his annual visit.

I've never done the vendange as almost everyone I know who thinks it would be fun to join in for a day or two suffers too much from back pain and knee pain afterward. It looks like a wonderful experience though!

Jennifer said...

Aren't the vineyards so beautiful? I've never been to the Willamette Valley but love some of the wine from there. It looks like a gorgeous area.