September 7, 2008

Giant Microbes Invade the Earth!

Today has been a bit, well...strange.

I really needed something to make me laugh. Lo and behold, my friend Donna (whose baby is due today - c'mon kid, we're waiting for you!) must have read my thoughts and sent me a link to this site.

Giant Microbes

sleeping sickness on its own and three in a "Petri dish"

yeast on its own and in a "Petri dish"

I absolutely love these! These are just 2 of the 30 plus plush germs, cells, diseases and microbes they've created. People amaze me with their imagination and sense of humor.

Donna, thank you for making me smile. Pin It


croquecamille said...

Awesome! My husband is a malaria researcher... guess what he's getting in his stocking this Christmas! :)

Loulou said...

Oh, that is fabulous! :)
Hope he likes his present!