September 7, 2008

Photo du Jour - Au Revoir Summer

As I sit here looking at this photo of golden, juicy peaches piled high at the Olonzac market, the chilly, early autumn morning air is spilling into our kitchen through the open window.

Good memories of another summer. Our sixth summer here in France.

The days of blinding heat and siestas are over for another year. How quickly the seasons turn.
I actually need a sweater this morning.

It's almost time to stop drinking rosé.
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wcs said...

But you can continue drinking rosé, en apéro, par example, all year long!

The weather people are promising hot summery weather for next week. I hope they're not messin' with us.

Betty C. said...

I have often started the school year under blinding heat -- this year things seem fall-ish very soon. It's kind of nice for motivation, though. I find it hard to get moving when it's too hot...

Loulou said...

mais oui, bien sûr!
But when the weather changes, I don't really crave rosé anymore. Bring on the red!
We're supposed to be hot all week too. Rosé drinking will continue.

It does seem cooler much earlier this year. I don't mind for some reason.
I really suffered in the heat this summer so am happy to have the cool nights.

Scintilla said...

I can just smell those peaches !

Loulou said...

I'll bring the peaches and we'll sit on your gorgeous terrace and have some Prosecco and peaches. :)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

I'm with you Loulou...Red in the Winter months...I can smell those peaches from here!!!

Loulou said...

I saw lots of peaches at the market yesterday but they were all hard as rocks so I didn't buy any. Sadly the season is almost over.