September 8, 2008

Photo du Jour - Stones

A stone-filled, closed up old window (or maybe it was a doorway) on our neighbor's barn. I love the ancient look of the relieving triangle. Pin It


Mimi from French Kitchen said...

A wonderful idea for a photo and post. Makes me speculate about the builder...

I will watch for relieving triangles now.

La Belette Rouge said...

Something about it reminds me of a fairytale. Maybe Blue Beard? I wonder what the motivation for the filling of the window was.

Jim Gaudet said...

does you neighbor have pictures of the barn when it was a window or door?

That would be cool to see.

~ Jim

Jim Gaudet said...

Sorry, forgot to subscribe to the comments...

~ Jim

Loulou said...

It does, doesn't it? I wish I knew the age of the barn, but most of the houses on our street were built in the early 1800's.

la belette
I heard that there used to be a tax law in France that made you pay for each window opening, therefore many owners of old houses and buildings have closed up the windows that they don't use.
It seems that things have changed though and people are opening them up again.

That would be interesting to see. There is a local historian who has a tiny museum (if you can even call it a museum) at our Mayor's office. I'll have to see if there are any photos of the building there.