April 24, 2008

La Garrigue - A Beautiful Morning

La Garrigue is a scrubland found on limestone soils around the Mediterranean basin, generally near the sea, typically consisting of evergreen shrubs such as lavender, rosemary, wild thyme, sage and myrtle, and trees such as juniper and stunted holm oaks.

This morning I grabbed by camera and took a walk up into the aromatic and gorgeous garrigue.

varieties of pine

wild thyme in bloom

a variety of orchid

purple seems to be a popular color

stone walls are built

and stone walls fall

a view of the village from up in la garrigue

If you understand French, check out this site, La Garrigue Gourmande.
In English - History of the Garrigue. Pin It


Anonymous said...

I'd love to visit that region again. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful area! We so enjoy your photos, today's are particularly interesting and just beautiful. What camera do you use?

My husband and I are living vicariously through your blog; we hope to be able to do something similar but not for a few years. We are waiting for our childen (a 30 year old corporate lawyer and a 28 year old doctor) to finally get their acts together and 'settle' (translation - get married).

More significantly, we have 2 wonderful, much adored golden retrievers (9 and 8) and leaving them for even a 3 week holiday is very difficult.

Kind regards, and thanks again for the photos,

Jennifer said...

Hopefully you will someday and we can have a glass of wine and some cheese together.

Thank you for your such kind words.
I just have a little Pentax Optix s40 digital camera. It is small, takes decent photos and I carry it everywhere.

Thank you! You are such a wonderful photographer - so I appreciate the compliment.

winedeb said...

Thank you for taking us on that walk! I really enjoyed seeing your sights!

Jennifer said...

very different views from your neck of the woods! :)
Glad you liked them. Have you ever been to this area?