April 25, 2008

Photo du Jour

Some of the color combinations in Marseille reminded me of the colors in Tuscany. Pin It


Anonymous said...

I forget to look up sometimes when visiting places.

Jennifer said...

Me too! I am usually looking down so as not to trip over uneven pavement or step in the dreaded dog poo.

Towards Paris said...

It can often be the reverse for me as well... sometimes looking up too much and running into people/things. :)

Jennifer said...

toward Paris,
yes, it only took one, hard smack into a lamp post and knocking a poor, unsuspecting pedestrian into the street before I started to pay attention to the world directly in front of me. :)
(and down, always looking out for the dreaded dog poo)

Unknown said...

I find myself taking more photos of buildings than of anything else, LouLou for th very reason you point out - the style and colors are often evocative of something else, somewhere else.

Jennifer said...

I couldn't agree more. I love to absorb the city around me while I walk around. I would be constantly taking photos if I didn't feel so silly about walking around with a camera stuck to my face!
So I take them quietly.