October 2, 2007

Photos du Jour

Memories of the market in July.
It will be quite different today. Overcast skies, people bundled up in coats (even though will be about 70 degrees) and pumpkin, mushrooms, walnuts, cabbage and quince on offer.
And a lot less crowded-thank heavens!

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Robyn Vickers said...

I'm awaiting the day when our Summer farmers market, held in the park, under the trees, closes it's counters for the winter and leaves me with the only the big, st lawrence market and the LobLaws for company. Sigh. Those pictures make me want to hang on to Summer a little bit longer, even though I love the Autumn and its wares.

Loulou said...

I love autumn too, but it is bittersweet.
At the market yesterday I bought a big hunk of pumpkin, some little apples, sweet onions and fat spinach leaves.