October 1, 2007

Photo du Jour

Our very french cat.
She knows good wine when she sees it! That is a bottle of wonderful Domaine Coudoulet Muscat Sec. Pin It


The Late Bloomer said...

What a great shot! Yes, now that's a cat with excellent taste... She knows her stuff, huh?!

sognatrice said...

Smart kitty!

Susan in Italy said...

Beautiful picture. Her eyes look the same color as the wine in the bottle.

Poppy Fields said...

I love that photo and I am in total agreement with your cat. I have a weakness "prononcé" for dry white wines ;)

wcs said...

Hmmm, maybe I should get to know more cats...

Loulou said...

late bloomer,
I liked it too.
Yes, Daisy has excellent taste. She lives with us, doesn't she?

she is!
(well...sometimes she sits and just stares at the wall...we call it "cat-atonic")

She's a very difficult cat to photograph because she's constantly moving at the last second. I was happy with this one.

poppy fields
Me too! This Muscat Sec is fantastic!
I think our friend, who owns a wine shop, sells it and will ship anywhere in France.

does Callie have good taste in wine, being a proper French girl?