October 2, 2007

La Fête du Fromage With a Heart

I *Heart* Cheese!

This week we tasted Coeur de Neufchâtel and le Petit Polignac.

Our Coeur de Neufchâtel was very ripe. As soon as we cut into it, it oozed all over the plate.
Heart shaped, AOC Neufchâtel cheese is made from cow’s milk in the town of Neufchâtel in the Pays de Bray region of northern Normandy. It dates back to 1035, making it one of the oldest cheeses in this region. According to a romantic legend, during the 100 years war, young French ladies gave Coeur de Neufchâtel to their suitors.
We found the flavor to be a bit too sour. Did I buy a bad piece? I honestly don't know. It had a nice, mushroomy aroma and a creamy, soft, oozing texture. Oh well, you can't love them all!
Pair Neufchâtel with some fruity red wine such as a Beaujolais or Côtes du Rhône.

Le Petit Polignac is a fermier cheese made from raw ewe's milk in the Haute-Loire département.
That's it! That is all the information I have on this cheese. It wasn't in any of my books or anywhere on the Internet. (how is this possible?) If anyone has information about le Petit Polignac, I would appreciate your help.
Its flavor was mild and earthy and its texture was creamy and soft. Really a delicious little brebis!
We had a glass of red Minervois wine with it, which was wonderful.

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