March 13, 2007

Just Answering the Question!

So the other day my friend introduced me to an acquaintance of his and this guy asked where I live and I said, "I live in France" and he said, "really, where in France?" and I replied "in the south of France." (I rarely say exactly where because we live in the middle of nowhere)
Then he said, in this really mocking, sing-songy, bitchy tone, "oooohhhh, you live in the south of France."

No, you jerk, I was fishing for a bitchy retort.

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Binkley said...

Wow.. I didn't know that there was anything outside of Paris... :)

Riana said...

what a jackass:::) hope that you are having a great time anyway, say hi to your mom and enjoy your time together!!

Papadelesdeux said...

OMG... another Ex-American person in Languedoc...and I thought I was the only one... all those lonely days I spent in Pepieux... ça va, I escaped to Montpellier... ohla-la the BIG CITY...Paris? Where's that?... But to tell the truth... some days I miss that blissful calm... and I still go there to pick up my miniature Franco-Americans every other week, so... in any case, ignorant people require very little attention, just ignore them.

Katie said...

As if the entire southern part of France is located in Cannes! In the expensive part, no less.
Sometimes one just can't win!
Did you have a good comeback? Or just an icey glare?

Loulou said...

amazing, but true!

yes, he was. I'm enjoying seeing family and friends but can't wait to come home

hello and thanks for reading. we have a good friend in Pépieux. living in Montpellier must be fabulous!

my friend and I just looked at eachother, rolled our eyes and ignored him.
people are strange!

Cyberdelia said...

Too bad it'd be a bit too mean to say, "Yes I do, and happily, you do not." Heh... :-)

elise said...

Hi Loulou, I know exactly what you can feel... I am living in Japan at the moment... Where in Japan? In Tokyo. :-) Where in Tokyo?? O_o Well, in the west part of Tokyo... could go on forever and at the end the person wouldn't have a clue where it is...

buzzgirl said...

Ah, the Languedoc! In high school I was an exchange student in Narbonne.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your mom.

Loulou said...

yes, I was thinking that!

exactly! and his comment implied that I was being all snooty about it, which I wasn't!!!

Narbonne is our "big" city. thanks for the kind wishes for my mom. she's doing better

Emily said...

I sometimes get: "You live in France? In Paris?" that's the only town in France.

Loulou said...

I get that ALL the time too!