March 19, 2007

Still Here....

My flight home left today...without me.
I made the decision to stay and help my mom for another week as she had to go back to the hospital last Thursday due to complications from her surgery. Hopefully she'll be released again tomorrow and her life will get back to normal.

The last two weeks have been some of the strangest of my life.

I've found myself slipping back into a stressed-out, things-aren't-moving-fast-enough, American much too quickly.
I need to go home! Pin It


sognatrice said...

Amazing how quickly we fall back into patterns! Take all the time you need--both France and the blogosphere will be waiting :)

buzzgirl said...

I grew up in the Seattle area and now live in San Francisco. Since I seem to be following in your footsteps, hopefully I'll be living in the sud de la France soon, too!

Loulou said...

merci, but I'll be really happy to get home!

let me know when you're coming over!