March 10, 2007


About 10 years ago I had accumulated an insane number of cooking magazines. They were piled up in the kitchen, on bookshelves and down in the basement. Now that I think about it, I had decorating and home magazines all over the place too. I had recently bought my first house and was going through a nesting stage...
Then one fine day I was in Office Depot or Staples or some other office supply store (I have a secret fetish for paper products and pens) and saw some clear, plastic sheet protectors and a little light bulb went off in my head.
These are the result.

I tore out all the recipes I wanted to keep from those magazines, resulting in loads of space in my house for some new magazines! And new cookbooks!

The original ring binder notebook style.

The 20-40 page pre-made sheet protector notebooks they sell in France. I've had mixed results with these. Some have very flimsy plastic so when you slide the sheet of paper into it, the seams rip open. Now I look for heavy duty plastic pages.

I keep notebooks for home and decorating ideas, places I want to travel and miscellaneous stuff, in addition to the growing number of cooking, food and wine related one's.
Organizing at its finest!

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Katie said...

Glad to see someone else with a 'paper product' fetish. Keep me away from Office Max.
I love pretty little notebooks and have a hidden stash. My recipes are in large notebooks I get from Solutions...
I have a stash of pens, too.
I need help!

Loulou said...

I went into an Office Max the other day and made it out with only a couple of small purchases.

jessica said...

Ooh this is a great idea. I have a lot of piles of related articles. No decorating, since we keep moving, but recipes and travel for sure. I find the swiss binders sort of annoying, however, because with only two punches that are right in center, the the inner sheets seem to try to drop out of bottom when I pick up the binder. I'll have to look around though.

Loulou said...

try to find the notebooks that are just clear pages to fill. they're great

meredith said...

Good idea, I need to do this!

Emily said...

Too funny. I just started doing this. I'm still working on my first...