November 1, 2015

Toto, I've A Feeling We're Not In Normandy Anymore...

New View

Boxes are unpacked and everything (for the most part) is finally arranged and in its place.

Even though we don't have a lot of stuff, finding the space for it all after moving from a small, 3 bedroom cottage to a half-its-size, 1 bedroom apartment is kind of like playing a giant, 3-D game of Tetris. It's been interesting, to say the least.

Autumn in Paris

But we're finally here! In Paris!
We rented this apartment with a huge balcony where we can watch the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. We're getting to know the neighborhood, and for the moment, it kind of feels like we're on vacation. I definitely can't complain.

Paris Café

Le marché



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September 21, 2015

Life. Right Now.

In the 15ème, our new quartier. #lifeinFrance #Paris

Just a few things to share...

First, we would appreciate your help.

We're moving next month with a chihuahua who will celebrate his 15th birthday in January, so we would love any recommendations from our Paris friends for a good dog vet, especially one located in or close to the 15ème arrondissement.

Merci in advance, from Tico and from us!


Secondly, I was on the radio!

Last July I had the pleasure of meeting Poppy Tooker, the brilliant woman who produces the Louisiana Eats! show on NPR in New Orleans. She was visiting Paris with my friend, Peter Patout, and I had planned to show the two of them around some of the great places to eat in the Marais. We were to meet on what turned out to be one of the hottest summer days that Paris had ever experienced, and when I showed up to collect them, all sweaty and disheveled, Poppy took one look at me and asked if I wanted a cocktail. Made with lots and lots of ice.
Right then and there I knew that this woman was a kindred spirit.
She went straight into the kitchen and mixed up a batch of drinks made with icy cold vodka and San Pellegrino Limonata. One of those and I felt like a new woman!

After cooling down, we decided to do the sensible thing and spend the afternoon inside, enjoying cold drinks and the refreshingly cool, air conditioned apartment they had rented (a rarity in Paris!). The Marais would have to wait.

Chocolates at Jacques Genin

We met the next morning and spent a few hours wandering around the 3ème arrondissement, chatting, nibbling, meeting the commerçants and lingering in every air conditioned shop we could find, then followed it up with lunch at a local Moroccan place.

Poppy shared our experience on her radio show on Saturday. I was super nervous to hear how I would sound on air, but was pleasantly surprised. Did she use some sort of magical computer program to make my voice sound better? I wish I knew.

If you're interested in listening, here's the link.

Italian cured ham aged in a thick coating of pink peppercorns and slices of dried garlic. I can't wait to try it!  At Caractère de Cochon. #Paris

Finally, and yes, I know how glaringly obvious this sounds, moving sucks.

There's just SO much to organize and it seems like we're spending almost every single waking moment dealing with the To Do List.
As of this afternoon though, I think we're finally on top of it. Phew!

Looking forward to our new view!

La Tour Eiffel

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September 13, 2015

Au Revoir, Normandy


As my husband said the other day, "here we go again, off on another adventure."
It's a big one this time. We're moving to Paris.

Enfin bref, we're moving on and leaving Normandy. Which is incredibly bittersweet.

As much as we're excited to head to the city, our hearts are still heavy. Normandy is such a gorgeous, friendly place, and we love our little house here, so we are truly sad to be leaving.

But after commuting to Paris for the last year and a half, relying on the kindness of friends who let me crash on their couches or in a spare room for a night or two, then staying at a friend's place for several months last autumn and finally renting a room in a shared apartment last winter, I am over it.
Actually, we're both over it.

Being away from home - away from my husband, our dog and our cat - has proven to be more difficult than I ever imagined.
And let me tell you, having roommates at my age is kind of weird.

I am so happy that it's finally over!

Lists are being made and our belongings are being sorted. The chaos of moving will wind up in mid October, when we settle into our new place in the 15ème arrondissement.

La Vache Normande

Until then, we'll enjoy the beach and all the Camembert, Calvados, teurgoule and cream that we possibly can.
Damn, I'm going to miss the cows!

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August 24, 2015

A New View


Could it be true? Have we finally found our own little home* in Paris?
And one with a pretty spectacular view, I might add.

Fingers crossed!


*No, that isn't the building, though isn't it beautiful?

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August 17, 2015

5 Things


1) Climbing stairs in the 18ème


2) Door love

Bayeux Market

3) Trés sucré!


4) Mid afternoon at a Parisian café


5) Normandy chèvre

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