July 6, 2015

5 Things

Paris rooftops

1) Paris rooftops and a view of Sacré Coeur in the distance

At Laurent Dubois

2) Seasonal fromage

Le Café Cour

3) Le Café Cour in the Marais

Balcony in Paris

4) My balcony view

Blue Door

5) Cerulean? Azure? Cobalt?

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June 30, 2015

5 Things

Old Map of Paris

1) When Paris was just a village

What I wish I were doing right now. A little too early perhaps... #lifeinFrance #apéro

2) 'Tis the season


3) Steep

Bayeux Market

4) Summer market


5) Country in the city

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June 21, 2015

5 Things


1) Early morning in the 5ème

Paris Door

2) Classical


3) Colors of summer

Paris Views

4) Paris skyline


5) Tommes and tommettes

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June 15, 2015

Paris Nights



When the weather is this gorgeous, there's only one thing to do...go outside.

So I've been joining the crowds of warm weather picnickers and have been spending many of my Paris evenings down by the riverside.



Laughter filled, quayside apéros, sometimes with Champagne, always with cheese.

Watching the light change from lavender and pink to gold, then to deep midnight blue.

Stopping to listen to the lone saxophone player while he serenades the the people walking across a bridge.


Down by the riverside. #Paris #apéro

The streetlights and moonlight reflected on the water.

Grabbing my camera and taking inspiration from a photographer friend.

The Eiffel Tower sparkling on the hour.

Being une flâneuse.



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May 31, 2015

A Morning At The Market

Bayeux market

The markets and its vendors are two of the reasons I love living in France.

While waiting in line at my favorite cheese and butter truck at the Bayeux market yesterday, I passed the time snapping a few photos and watching the interactions between the salespeople and the customers in front of me. There's always a lot of banter and discussion, which often includes serving and cooking advice.

You really can't be in a hurry when you go to the market.

Bayeux market

After the requisite bonjour, the man who works there very randomly and totally out of the blue started singing. It was just too funny and I couldn't resist...so in a very tongue-in-cheek way I asked him if he did concerts in his spare time. He jokingly responded that his day job was selling cheese and his night job was as a lounge singer, which sent the two women working with him into hysterical fits of laughter and got a chuckle from all of us waiting in line for our cheese.

When it was finally my turn and before I could even say a word, the woman who owns the truck held up two rounds of my favorite Normandy salt butter and asked if I wanted a little disk of fresh Bajocasse.

She knows me well.

Bayeux market

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