December 11, 2020

My French Cheese Workshops Are Now Online!

If you've read this blog for any time now, you know how much I love cheese! And after weeks of working out a new (for me) way to share this great passion with you, I've finally done it.

Three virtual workshops, which I've entitled, French Cheese Fundamentals, are online and available on Eventbrite. They've been up for a few days, but I've haven't had the chance to share them here yet.

Part One is the Basics, a Cheese 101 that covers history, terminology, the French cheese families, seasonality - it's a lot of practical, nerdy information.

Part Two is all about creating Cheese Boards. You'll learn about tasting, serving, slicing, shopping and building beautiful boards.

Part Three is about Pairing cheese with wine, other beverages and food. Even though there are no hard and fast rules, there is plenty of information to learn about creating delicious flavor marriages. 

I'm keeping the numbers limited to just 15 screens for a more personal experience, however I will continue to add the workshops to the calendar on a rotating basis, so if you miss one, it will be offered again in a few weeks time. 

The Basics has already sold out for December (yay!), but there is another one being offered in mid-January, and there is still space available on Cheese Boards this month. Pairing Cheese is being offered for the first time in early January. 

I hope to see you there and if you have any questions, please contact me at:

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LOULOU said...

I have been looking for a cheese called Walmart for years and it is from the Jura but I believe they don’t make it any longer and it tasted like Reblochon a bit.