May 13, 2017

Delicious Bologna


Oh, Bologna! What have you done to me?

You had me the minute I stepped up to the counter at that busy neighborhood café and ordered an espresso - it was deep, deep brown with notes of bitter chocolate and had the perfect amount of chestnut colored crema on top.
I ordered a prosciutto panino alongside and once I took a sip and then a bite, I was hooked.
Then I asked for the bill. The total came to €2.30.
I had to look again.

Only €2.30? For a perfect espresso and a prosciutto di Parma sandwich?

How soon can I move?



Then of course, there is the gelato.
Have you ever tasted salted pistachio gelato? Not just pistachio, but salted pistachio?
It will change your life (kind of like Normandy salt butter, of which I'm sure Italy has its own version). But so will the fresh strawberry gelato (in season). The pine nut and mascarpone. The hazelnut. The sour cherry. The dark chocolate. The Sicilian lemon.
Basically, you just want give up every other kind of food and only eat gelato. Forever.

Until you have the pasta.

Pasta in Bologna


And the pizza.

Florence eats


I haven't even mentioned the gorgeous seasonal fruit and vegetables yet. Have you ever seen such beautiful tomatoes? Or wild asparagus at such a reasonable price?
And those little peppers pack some serious heat!

Tomatoes at the market

Mercato delle erbe

Calabrian chiles

Let's not forget the cheese. This is Parmigiano-Reggiano country, after all.
But Italy has much, much more to offer when it comes to formaggio. They claim to produce over 450 varieties - my kind of place!



Delicious Bologna

This list of deliciousness wouldn't be complete without mentioning proscuitto di Parma, cured sausages and mortadella, which originated in Bologna.

Prosciutto di Parma


I savored all of it, maybe a little too much! My jeans were uncomfortably tight by the end of the trip.

Now that I'm back in France and diving into the seasonal chèvre, the brie - which is so perfect right now - and enjoying a daily baguette, I know that I would long for these delicious French foods if I lived in Italy.
So I'll try to visit as often as possible, leaving plenty of room in my luggage.
This time I brought home 2.5 kilos of Parmigiano-Reggiano, a couple of bottles of Balsamico di Modena and a ridiculous amount of Calabrian chiles.
That should hold us...for a while.

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Parisbreakfasts said...

Love, love, love Bologna. A well-kept secret. Not as many tourist throngs either.
Thanks for the memories.

Marina Carstens said...

You're making me want to move to Italy! Or at least visit. It's morning here and I'm drinking instant coffee. I actually like it, I think just because I'm used to it, but your description of coffee in Italy makes me want to up my coffee game for sure.

Gwyneth Perrier said...

Oh, gorgeous post! The photos of all the food were tempting and sumptuous, and I made a mental note to put a trip to Bologna in my future.

fashion survivor said...

Bologna was one of my favorite cities! I remember buying too much mortadella by accident and it ended up perfuming my hotel room for the rest of my trip. I had the best lemon gelato of my life in a restaurant there.

Jennifer Greco said...

It is a wonderful, delicious city. I could see myself living there.

The coffee in Italy is sublime! I hope you have the chance to visit and experience it for yourself. :)

I hope you get there soon! If you love good food, you will love it.

fashion survivor
(I love your name!)
Too much mortadella? Is that possible? ;) And yes, the gelato is incredible. Was just in Rome and everything paled by comparison.