May 20, 2017

5 Things - Apéro Time!

Rosé reflection

1) On the terrace

Rue Montorgueil

2) Along rue Montorgueil


3) Aperitivo in Bologna


4) A generous apéritif dinatoire in Montmartre


5) At our neighborhood café - they could stand to be a bit more generous with the popcorn, non?

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French Girl in Seattle said...

Fun series. I see a theme here ;-) As for the popcorn comment: Good Lord. Why would they? Popcorn and wine? I prefer the traditional cacahuètes served during l'Apéritif myself. -- Besides, it looks like Gail took care of l'apéritif dinatoire for you. -- Veronique

Gail said...

Yes, there seemed to be little point to serve that popcorn!!

Taste of France said...

I love apéritifs dinatoires...though it's really just a French word for tapas, non? Excellent solution for a crowd that's too numerous to sit around a table.

Elizabeth at Eiffel Tells said...

The wine label in the Aperitivo in Bologna photo is fantastic. An apero is my preferred form of get-to-gether in France where our language skills can be a barrier to long dinner conversations. Bon week-end.

Rosy said...

Italia! You're going to Italy a lot. Thinking of abandoning Paris for the boot?

Wendl said...

I love all the photos, but especially the first one where the the view is so clear in the wine, but blurry in the background. Hmmm, what does this say about life, wine, clarity? Maybe I need to drink wine more often!

Mardi (eat. live. travel. write.) said...

You know how much I LOVE this post <3

Marina Carstens said...

Love the photo of the wine & city. Peaceful~

Jennifer Greco said...

French Girl in Seattle
You see a lot of popcorn served during the apéro these days. It's often stale. :(

Right? You did a much better job of serving up an apéro!

Taste of France
It is definitely a version of tapas. :)

Jennifer Greco said...

I loved that wine label too!

No! :) I was just fortunate enough to have had the chance to visit a couple of times this month. Italy is wonderful, but I can't imagine trying to move there, bureaucracy wise. France is difficult enough!

Wine = clarity. :)

Jennifer Greco said...

I totally thought of you when I wrote it!

Thanks! I love that view. :)