March 30, 2016

5 Things


1) Curves

Sunday Rollerbladers

2) Sunday rollerblading

French fromage

3) The country comes to the city


4) Wandering through the passages

Flying Pig Pile Up

5) Trying to fly

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Taste of France said...

Wonderful photos! I'm glad to see les rollers still at it. They used to go after midnight, I think on Friday or Saturday night, when traffic had thinned a bit. Do they still do that as well?

Rhodesia said...

Not so sure about roller blading though OK to watch. Love all the others though. Have a good day Diane

Tammy Young said...

Thank you for a little taste of Paris! We were standing in front of the window where those Piggy banks are just a few short months ago, trying to convince our kids that they would be far too bulky to pack in our suitcases!
Bonne journèe!

Linda said...

Beautiful photos! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada, which is often called "the second Paris" by some tourists. :)

Jennifer said...

Taste of France
I've heard that they do, on Friday's I think. Looks like fun!

I would love to try it, but have never rollerbladed in my life. :)

How funny! I love those passages, especially that shop. I could spend a fortune in there.

Merci! Montreal looks like a beautiful city. You're lucky to live there!