January 11, 2016

5 (Strasbourg) Things

Petite France

1) La Petite France

Tarte Flambée

2) Tarte flambée - cream, bacon and onion perfection

Christmas in Strasbourg

3) Dusk


4) Bûche de Noël - classic and not so much


5) Almond studded kugelhupf

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Jourdan said...

Dear Loulou - I've just found your blog and enjoy it very much. I went to school for a year in Paris as a young man--actually went there just to be closer to London I was such an Anglophile then--and have been hooked every since. I vacationed for a lovely month in your Normandie and am currently saving up money to purchase a small house there for later in life....I'm also British and Irish as well as American, so the EU rules will help with that!

Love your blog and so happy to read your reports.

Kevin aka Jourdan (from Portland, Oregon)

Emm said...

The kugelhupf looks quite tasty, but not so sure I could stare down that Bûche de Noël enough to eat it. Thanks for a peek at Strasbourg.

Jourdan said...

Strasbourg was also where I was introduced to Chaucroute.....It was like the best of French and German everyday food combined into one Alsatian masterpiece.