December 29, 2015


Me and Barrie

2015 was an interesting year.

I spent a large portion of it living a half life - half in Normandy and half in Paris. When that finally came to a close in October, I couldn't have been happier.

My husband wasn't as excited to move to Paris as I was, so after his initial excitement of having Indian, Thai, Lebanese and Nepalese restaurants on our doorstep wore off, combined with the devastating attacks in Paris on November 13, I was worried that he would be packing our bags and hightailing it back down south to our little house in the Minervois. But as time goes on, life goes on.

As we wrap up the year and head into a new one, I am thankful that we are here, that we are living in this gorgeous city full of wonderful people who we are happy to call our friends, and that we are together.

Today we're celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary, so this is just a simple way to tell him I love him and to wish him a very happy anniversary!

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