September 13, 2015

Au Revoir, Normandy


As my husband said the other day, "here we go again, off on another adventure."
It's a big one this time. We're moving to Paris.

Enfin bref, we're moving on and leaving Normandy. Which is incredibly bittersweet.

As much as we're excited to head to the city, our hearts are still heavy. Normandy is such a gorgeous, friendly place, and we love our little house here, so we are truly sad to be leaving.

But after commuting to Paris for the last year and a half, relying on the kindness of friends who let me crash on their couches or in a spare room for a night or two, then staying at a friend's place for several months last autumn and finally renting a room in a shared apartment last winter, I am over it.
Actually, we're both over it.

Being away from home - away from my husband, our dog and our cat - has proven to be more difficult than I ever imagined.
And let me tell you, having roommates at my age is kind of weird.

I am so happy that it's finally over!

Lists are being made and our belongings are being sorted. The chaos of moving will wind up in mid October, when we settle into our new place in the 15ème arrondissement.

La Vache Normande

Until then, we'll enjoy the beach and all the Camembert, Calvados, teurgoule and cream that we possibly can.
Damn, I'm going to miss the cows!

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