December 6, 2014

P'tit Vache Affiné Au Pommeau

Bayeux Market

Every time I discover a new cheese my heart skips a beat.

After tasting over 221 French cheeses, my Fête du Fromage project reached a bit of a dead end. I rarely came across a cheese that I hadn't already tasted and in general my passion for writing about cheese waned.
So, I kind of gave up.

Then this morning I spotted a locally produced fromage de vache at the Bayeux market and my desire to share a new (to me) French cheese was rekindled.

Petit Vache Affiné Au Pommeau

Le P'tit Vache Affiné au Pommeau is a young, unpasteurized cow's milk cheese produced on a small farm near Villers-Bocage. It has been aged for a mere two weeks, during which its rind is washed daily in Pommeau, a fruity mixture of AOC Calvados and apple juice that is enjoyed locally as an apéritif.

The pâte has a very fine, crumbly texture and the flavor is sweet, lactic and mild, with stronger aromas and flavors on the rind. I expected it to pack more of a punch, so was pleasantly surprised by its softness.

I think it will make a delicious breakfast cheese, spread on a slice of toasted baguette. (Normandy salt butter optional)

Bayeux Market


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