January 12, 2014

Paris and Paris and Paris


Yes, we still live in Normandy.

But if you have been following me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram over the last couple of months you might be thinking that we had pulled up stakes (again) and moved to la Ville Lumière.

Mais non.

It takes a little over two hours to get to Paris from Bayeux. And the invites just keep coming - to celebrate this or that with friends, to house sit, to attend some sort of event.
So I keep hopping on the train.

Chairs and Tables


Don't get me wrong, I love Normandy. The fresh sea air, the beautiful green pastures, the butter, the cheese, the people. The cows!
But Paris...it's where most of my friends are and it has really become my home away from home.
And it's only 2 hours away. 

It's hard not to go. As often as possible.



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