December 7, 2013

10 Things I've Learned After 10 Years In France

Trois Fromages

1) You never get tired of the fromage

2) Speaking confidently on the telephone in French finally does get easier


3) The French have a love/hate relationship with American food and trends.

4) Learning to argue your point when you need to return something or aren't satisfied with a service is essential for survival


5) Owning a clothes dryer is overrated, most of the time

6) Nuxe products are fabulous!


7) The chocolat chaud is better here

8) French women do get fat. And get drunk in public. And leave the house wearing sweats from time to time. And are not the perfect creatures that the rest of the world makes them out to be. (Here's a little secret that no one wants you to know: they are normal, just like the rest of us)

9) Bureaucratic hiccups aren't only reserved for expats

View over Paris

10) Take time to celebrate and appreciate the little things - time with friends and family, a flaky croissant, a day at the beach, a surprisingly great meal, a gorgeous view

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Unknown said...

you nailed it!

meredith said...


Jennifer said...

Thanks you two! I'm sure you might share some of my observations...

La Vie est Belle said...

As my French friend Laure says when she speaks English: "I am agree!"

Mardi Michels said...

Totally! Spot on!

jk in North Carolina said...

Would you share your favorites
from the Nuxe line, please.
I have been looking at this
line since reading your blog and there are so many things to chose
from. Of course, I think I am a
"few" years older than you.
Always enjoy your blog.

Igor Josifovic said...

Love it:-)

La Torontoise said...

Loulou, can not agree more!
In my previous (Toronto-based) life, I got plenty of opportunities to master the phone conversation thing as my employer had business units in Quebec; so, calling someone in Montreal, or better - in Rimouski or Quebec City, was an educational exercise I'd never forget. I felt privileged to get some intense practice in business settings before calling France a long-term goal.

Have a great advent time!

P.S. J'adore Nuxe; I'm a fan of their organic line, Bio Beaute:-)

Paula said...

Oh my god! 10 years already? I read your blog for a real long time hehe.
I`m really happy for you, since I`m following your story since you lived in the south and it seems that you really enjoy living in France.

I`m going to Barcelona next year and I hope that someday I'll be able to make my "10 things I've learned after 10 years in Spain" ;)


Jennifer said...

La Vie est Belle
I am thank you!


Jennifer said...

I love their Crème Fraîche de Beauté line and really love the Eau Démaquillante Micellaire aux Pétales de Rose as a cleanser.
They have several different lines, depending on your skin type, so I'm sure you'll find something that suits you. Enjoy!

Thanks so much!

Jennifer said...

La Torontoise
Thanks for the Bio line recommendations. I always look at it, but have never tried it. Now I think I will.

Yes, Chez Loulou will be 8 next year! Our 11th anniversary in France will be in March. Time goes too quickly!
I look forward to reading about your adventures in Barcelona. It is such a fantastic city!

Dark Amber said...

I came across your blog via Croque-Camille. Angelina has finally opened its doors here in Dubai. I was expecting the world from their hot chocolate given all the praise (e.g. But I was dismayed because what was served fell far short of my expectations. I find that making the stuff at home is far better because you get to control what chocolate you put into the mixture and what kind of milk or otherwise that you can use. The world of bean to bar chocolate has advanced so much that you are better off just eating the stuff at home...or am I just too difficult to please???

Jennifer said...

Dark Amber
Thanks for stopping by!
I still find that making it at home is better as well.

Il est 20h à LA said...

3) is so true and not only for food !
It's fun because some of your observations sound very French (1, 6, 7, 9 and 10) while others still sound very American :-)
4) is because we simply don't return things (I know, this is stupid but it was really hard for me when I arrived in the US to understand that I can complain about products and return them without being unpolite !)
For 5) and 8), I don't agree : we do own a dryer and hanging the clothes on the balcony isn't appropriate when not forbidden. And sure, French women are normal, but do are a little more sophisticated when they go out. I was paying way more attention to my look when I was living in Paris and I would be ashamed to be dressed like I usually dress in the US. Good side of the US : it's more comfortable !!!

Anyway, it's really fun to see your point of vue !

Alan Mentzer said...

Great epiphanies from your 10 years in France! Thank you for sharing with us newbie expats!!