November 10, 2013

5 (Paris) Things


1) Fermé

Paris Conversation

2) Conversation

Frenchie To Go

3) Frenchie To Go (the doughnuts! the sticky buns!)

Paris Doors

4) Stately, scarred doors

Golden Light

5) A golden rainy night

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La Torontoise said...

Wonderful moments:-)
You seem to spend now much more time in Paris?
Enjoy your tours!

I look forward to the Christmas time in France:-)

Jennifer Greco said...

I've spent a few days in Paris in the last month, and have taken loads of photos! :)

JudyMac said...

Been reading lots of good things about "Frenchie to Go." Hoping to return to Paris in the not too distant future and would love to check it out. Also, love the good food on rue Montorgueil.

Jennifer Greco said...

It was nice for an American style treat and for something we don't get very often. Not sure I would choose to eat there if I were traveling all the way to France from the US though. There are too many delicious French food options in Paris!