September 5, 2013

I'd Forgotten...


I'd forgotten just how much I love swimming in the sea.
Until yesterday.


Taken in Asnelles-sur-Mer

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Sara Louise said...

You should do it more often! The beach looks beautiful and very inviting :)

Marina Carstens said...

So beautiful. I love the ocean. I haven't been for a long time, but I am going on Saturday morning and I am beyond excited!

Dean France said...

Hi Jennifer,
Here's a nice video overview of beautiful Normandie. Enjoy!

Normandie Pour La Vie

Jennifer Greco said...

We have vowed that we will!

I hope you had a wonderful time at the sea today. Bon week-end!

Thanks! I love that video. The views are stunning.

Emm said...

How late into the year will you be able to swim there? Lovely seascapes.

Jennifer Greco said...

Well, I think my days of swimming this summer are over for now! In one week the weather went from hot and sunny to cool and cloudy.

Tina said...

I also love swimming. thanks for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh! That blue! It's gorgeous!

Jennifer Greco said...

You're welcome!

So true! The light was so brilliant that day.