July 17, 2013

Vachement Belle!


Oh la vache!


Normandy Gang

Norman Cow


Les Vaches

Cows in Bayeux



Since moving to Normandy, I've developed a serious crush on cows.
They're so peaceful, so zen. And they work so hard at creating milk for the delicious regional cheese, cream and butter. What's not to love?

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The Beaver said...

Elles sont différentes mais vachement belles :-)

Sharon said...

I love cow number 3074. Very brave of you to get a close up!

SE said...

These are some great cow photos! Seriously, they look frame-worthy.

Jennifer- The Adventuresome Kitchen said...

Love love LOVE the cows!!!

Nadege said...

Imagine! Cows eating real grass rather than grain and who knows what else they give them in feedlots. They are beautiful!

Emm said...

I'm intrigued by the speckled cows and wondering what breed they are. (The B&W ones look like Holsteins and the beige steers like Jerseys.) What is that very pretty village with the tall spire?

Michel said...

I love your cow pictures, actually I love cows too. I remember that after spending the summer with my grandparents on their farm in the Tarn region, I went home to Michigan and begged my parents to buy us a couple of cows to keep in our yard. My begging didn't work and I had to settle for spending time with Pepe and his cows when we went to see him in the Tarn.

Lost In Cheeseland said...

Oh my goodness, these are AWESOME shots!! Love the first one :)

Delana@dujour said...

I grew up in Wisconsin," American's Dairyland", and have an affinity for cows also. However, they all look alike in Wisconsin. …these are all different and I love your photos. Passing the blog on to a friend with the same fixation.

Ann Louise said...

I love seeing photos of French cows! Here in Vermont we love our cows too—and all the wonderful products that are made from their milk...

Jennifer Greco said...

Très belles!
I think that would be a better name for the post...thinking of changing it. :)

Isn't she adorable? I usually can get pretty close. They seem to be pretty friendly, in general.

Jennifer Greco said...

Thanks! Glad you like them.

Me too!!!

Jennifer Greco said...

The delicious dairy of the region is testament to their good diet!

Those are Normandy cows. :)
The village with the spires is Bayeux.

Jennifer Greco said...

I'm sorry to hear that your parents didn't allow you to keep a couple of cows as pets. lol
Though I admit that I now have the desire to have one or two hanging out in our garden as well!

Thanks. :) I have snapped quite the collection of cow photos in the last 18 months!

Jennifer Greco said...

I've never lived anywhere with so many cows, so it's a novelty. And I love it!

Vermont looks like it has absolutely gorgeous landscape and cows...like Normandy! Thanks for stopping by to comment. :)

Mardi Michels said...

I absolutely LOVE these pictures :) They are some of my favourites of yours on Instagram!

Molly @ Toffee Bits and Chocolate Chips said...

ooo I am seriously in love with French cows! Tres mignon!!! Maybe because I met a cute Frenchman because of the cows in his picture? hahaha I need to make my way to Normandy!

Jennifer Greco said...

Thanks :)
I can't seem to stop taking pictures of them!

You would love it in Normandy, especially if you love cows!