July 12, 2013

Photo du Jour - Pink Peonies


Taken at the Wednesday morning market in Bayeux.

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Rambling Tart said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love how fresh and cool they look. :-)

Anonymous said...

My gosh, how I love paeonies... so beautiful.

Beth Kucera said...

Stunning colors--but HOW MUCH are they charging you for peonies???
Location matters--in the midwest USA you can't give them away in May!! LOVE your blog.

Jennifer Greco said...

Rambling Tart
The flowers at the market always make such gorgeous photos. Glad you like it!

I do too! They are one of my most favorite flowers.

Jennifer Greco said...

The peonies may be expensive, but the price of the wine in France more than makes up for it.
Thanks for stopping by to comment!

LauraInSeattle said...

OMG, this foto is gorgeous! Did you use any filters or are those colors "for real"? WOW!

La Torontoise said...

Love these colours in the summer markets in France.

Emm said...

Love love love peonies, and they go by so far in the south where it's too warm. Can't read the sign clearly, is that 6 euros the bunch? But how many in that?

Jennifer Greco said...

No filters or anything. Just snapped it with my iPhone.

La Torontoise
Me too!

It is 6€ a bunch and I'm not sure how many are in a bunch.