November 18, 2012

Le Cabri de Touraine

le Cabri de Touraine

This was all that remained of le Cabri de Touraine by the time I remembered to grab my camera and take a photo for la Fête du Fromage. I'm afraid that enthusiasm and hunger got the best of us that evening.

My fellow tasters were Katia, the brilliant and ebullient voice behind The France Project, her delightful husband, The Muffin Man, and my wonderful husband, who has been a patient and supportive participant in this cheese tasting project since the beginning.

So what did we think?
Well, there's cheese and then there's cheese, and this time the decision was unanimous...le Cabri de Touraine has to be one of the most perfect fromages de chèvre. Ever.
There were two other cheeses on the board that evening, but this was the one we couldn't get enough of.

Its flavor is both sweet and salty, slightly goaty and there's a mild amount of acidity on the finish. And the texture! It's like a pillow of soft, luxurious velvet. It's hard to put into words just how delicious it is, so please trust the four of us and give it a try.

Le Cabri is produced by a small cheesemaker in the Loire Valley, La Cloche d'Or, who have a herd of 80 goats and offer an array of unpasteurized cheeses, including Sainte-Maure de Touraine and Valençay.

A crisp white wine from the Loire Valley would be a perfect pairing.

While they were visiting Normandy, I was honored to be interviewed by Katia for the cheese episode of The France Project, which went live today. Go and have a listen!

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