August 14, 2012

The Benefits of Blogging

At the café

I've been writing this blog for what seems like forever now (actually it's only been 6 ½ years), and I have to admit that in the course of those 6½ years, I have had good blogging days and I have had bad blogging days.

Some days I'm bursting with ideas and feel inspired! Other days, not so much.

What has never wavered however, is the feeling of being part of a "community." Writing this blog has allowed me to meet some amazing, inspirational and extremely generous people.
Many of whom I now consider good friends.

Paris Picnic

Friends who have welcomed me into their homes and lives and shared food and recipes with me, friends I've celebrated with and shared important life events with, friends who have introduced me to their adopted region of France, friends who have given photography and blogging and bureaucracy tips, friends who have generously shared their favorite addresses in Paris, friends who gave advice when we were searching for a new place in France to move to, and friends who kindly sent international spices in the mail when I mentioned that I couldn't find them in France.

Getting to know these people, either virtually or in person, has been one of the highlights of having this blog, and it motivates me to keep writing.

Thank you, friends.

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