August 7, 2012

Photo du Jour - Spoiled for Choice

Bayeux Market

Summer's generosity sometimes makes me giddy!

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Dvora said...

Of course you're spoiled. Look where you live! Good for you for arranging such a wonderful life for yourself. Love all your photos.

Nadege said...

Are the "patates douces" as good as the sweet potatoes in the US? I am lucky to live near an area that has a large japanese population. They sell satsuma Imo potatoes that are really sweet but they taste better boiled, not broiled. They are also not as colorful.

American Mom in Bordeaux said...

love market photos! Always look so fresh and delicious! That I have to say is one of the things I love about France!

Géraldine - Your vie en rose said...

Did you pick one of each? Could end up in a great summer salad with a little vinaigrette on top! :)

Emm said...

I am envirous not only of the very gorgeous produce but for the very reasonable prices -- tomatoes at 3 euros per kilo is about half of what I pay in the US at a farmers market. Yum yum.

Ann Mah said...

It's just bursting with glory, isn't it? Happy cooking -- and eating!

Andi said...


Judit and COrina @WineDineDaily said...

Thank you for the lovely photo! Oh how we miss the markets from France!

Ken Broadhurst said...

The orange-fleshed sweet potatoes sold in France are mostly imported from the U.S. At least the ones I see at the supermarket are labeled that way. And they are good but expensive.

La Torontoise said...

Abundance in such bright colours!

Loulou,I've been reading your blog loyally since Sept 2011, but did not have the time to write. (I'm glad to connect now:-) I'm on a 6-week vacation in the South of France, near Nice). I'm getting a daily inspiration when I look at your pictures! Living near a provencial market, making pictures became part of my daily shopping tour...

Parisbreakfasts said...

wonderfully lush picture.
When you're standing there it's hard to focus like this on just a segment.
merci carolg

Loulou in France said...

Thank you! I hope you're doing well?

I think they are. Most of them come from Israel and I love them in curries and roasted.
Maybe you're buying yams? They have a whiter colored flesh and are often confused with sweet potatoes.

Loulou in France said...

Me too! I don't think I'll ever tire of them.

I didn't buy too much, as had already done most of my shopping at another stall. The colors at this one caught my eye.

Loulou in France said...

I often wonder about the price of fruit and vegetable at the market in France vs. markets in the US. Not all of the produce at the markets here are from farmers, but there are a lot of them in Bayeux. Fortunately!
Also, there are wonderful organic markets in France.

It's impossible not to be inspired to cook!

Loulou in France said...


Judit and Corina
They are wonderful, aren't they? I love to go early so I can get my shopping done, then sit at the local café and people watch.

Loulou in France said...

The sweet potatoes I see usually come from Israel, sometimes from the US. They are expensive compared to what one would pay in the southern US, but I love them, so buy them often.

La Torontoise
Enjoy your time near Nice to its fullest! Very happy to hear that you've enjoyed reading Chez Loulou. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

Loulou in France said...

I love your new photo!
I agree, it is impossible to focus on just one aspect. :) I loved the kaleidoscope of colors here.