June 25, 2012

Photo du Jour - le Louvre

Le Louvre

Paris trip planning.
Friends to see, shopping to do and a definite visit to le Louvre.

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Diane said...

I loved my only visit to The Louvre, but I need to go back again and again to see more. Diane

Murissa said...

The Louvre is on my list of things to see in Paris too.
I'm hoping to go with my sister in April or May of next year.

Can't wait to see your blog posts!

The Wanderfull Traveler

Jennifer said...

You could spend an entire week there and still not see it all! I like to go every so often and visit a new wing.

It is a must. I know there are smaller, more intimate museums in Paris, but le Louvre doesn't have to be just about the Mona Lisa. There is something for everyone.

Dean France said...

Actually, the entire collection of Le Louvre can be visited in under 15 minutes...as seen in the film, "Bande à Part".

Jennifer said...

Thanks Dean!