June 14, 2012

'Paris in Color' and Other Gifts

I actually won something!

Andi of Misadventures With Andi, one of my favorite weekly reads, had a French themed giveaway at the end of April that included a customizable Paris map, a set of Paris postcards and a copy of Paris in Color, by Nichole Robertson, writer and photographer of the enchanting Little Brown Pen.
I had tried to order Paris in Color the week before, only to discover that it was sold out everywhere.


It arrived on Tuesday, a much appreciated burst of color on a grey, rainy day. She also tucked this Cheese Journal into the envelope as an extra little present. You know it will come in handy!

Merci Andi!
And merci Nichole!

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nichole said...

Yay! SO happy you won. I hope you enjoy looking through the photos.

Murissa Shalapata said...

I've been thinking about getting that book.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Aidan said...

That was serendipitous! Their photos are so pretty and the color groupings make them even better. It's on my wish list.
bon weekend,
aidan x

Andi said...

Sorry I have been traveling like crazy and didn't get a chance to stop by! I am thrilled you are enjoying Nicole's book, it is hard not to since it is beautiful! I am glad to hear you like the book, but you'll have it filled up in no time and will need a new one soon!

Loulou in France said...

Your photos are so beautiful. I'm savoring a little bit every day.

If you love Paris, you must!

Loulou in France said...

Hope you get a copy soon. She has a wonderful eye for photography.

The Cheese Journal is perfect! I carry around a tattered notebook with all the cheeses I've tasted for reference, so it will be nice to replace it. But you're right, it will fill up quickly!