June 27, 2012

Briquette des Gors

Briquette des Gors

If you can, try to imagine a goat's cheese that is so light and fluffy, each bite is like a whisper-soft cloud of melt in your mouth chantilly de chèvre. 

No, I couldn't believe it either.
But I promise you, Briquette des Gors is pure cheese heaven.

Briquette des Gors

This unpasteurized chèvre produced in the Deux-Sèvres department of the Poitou-Charentes will seduce absolutely anyone, even those who claim they can't stand the taste of goat's cheese.
Its flavor is very soft and gentle, with hints of fresh milk and mild salt, but not goaty at all. And the texture...so airy and mousse-like! Truly delightful.

Enjoy with a white wine from the Loire Valley.

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Rowena said...

Duly noted. I find that our DK french cheese guide is so outdated that I usually end up having to find information on the net after we bring home our purchase. We adore goat cheese.

Mary said...

Well that sounds like heaven! Wonder if i can get my cheese loving hands on some? :D

Diane said...

I wish I could convince N that goats cheese is delicious but to date I am not succeeding!! Diane

parisbreakfast said...

Ah ha! I'll be visiting the Poitou-Charante area this trip.
I'll just name drop this fromage and I'll be in like Flint :)
merci carolg

Jennifer said...

It's hard to find an updated cheese guide, and there are so many small cheese producers in France that it is difficult to find a good list.
Do you get to France often?

I hope you do! :)

Jennifer said...

You might want to have him taste this one. It isn't goaty at all!

Enjoy the Poitou-Charentes! One of my favorite areas of France.

Rowena said...

Not often enough, I'm afraid. :( Currently we're able to satisfy our addiction through a cheese shop in Milan. It's limited but their website lists Le Trou du Cru (and yes I did read your post and giggled myself silly over the a**hole confusion. Heck, I would've mispronounced that one for sure!)

Thank you for your posts on cheese as I do really appreciate your tasting notes.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Rowena!