May 5, 2012

Saturday Morning at the Bayeux Market

Saint Maure de Touraine

My Saturday mornings go like this -  after a big café au lait and a tartine, I grab my market basket and drive to Bayeux to get some shopping done.

Bayeux Market



Arriving early to avoid long lines and find a place in the adjacent parking lot, which by 11am is impossible to park in, is a must.
Also, as I found out the hard way one weekend, my favorite teurgoule, crème fraîche and egg man always seems to run out of his incredible products quite early.
Before I start shopping, I do a complete tour of the market so I can see what fruit and vegetables have come into season and if there are any new vendors to check out.

I hate to have to rush, so that means picking up something for lunch. The ubiquitous poulet rôti is almost impossible to resist once I catch a whiff of the crispy chicken and slowly roasting potatoes, but lately we've been opting for something more exotic - spicy samosas and curries made by a woman from Réunion Island.
Paella is always available, as are crêpes, various cream based seafood dishes, Moroccan couscous and grilled sausage sandwiches served with frites. (It makes me wonder why people say that food trucks are a new thing in France?)


Les Halles

Bayeux Market

les poules

Shopping for fromage is, of course, my favorite activity at the market. There are a handful of small, local chèvre producers, a couple of vendors with giant tommes and other huge wheels of mountain cheese and several fromagers offering cheese from all over France, as well as the all-important Normandy butter.

My basket weighs a ton by the time I head home.


The Sausage and Fries Guy


Fromage de Chèvre

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French Girl in Seattle said...

Merguez, Normandy butter, couscous, fromage, paella... stop! You are killing this French Girl, who is sitting in front of her bowl of cereal on another grey Seattle Saturday morning... Six weeks to go. Six weeks to go... PS: I agree with you, food trucks (food carts as they call them now) have always been around in France, especially outside of big cities... Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Diane said...

Oh I love looking at the market this way, it is so much cheaper than going there myself LOL. Fantastic photos. Diane

MilkJam said...

teurgoule is SO good!!!!

Anonymous said...

This made me want to go to a French market, however the Ballard (Seattle) Sunday Market tomorrow will have to do.

Mary said...

Of course your basket weighs a ton. :D As would mine if i could shop at this market! Oh the yumminess. :) What a way to spend a Saturday.

SarahInParis said...

LOVE these photos and you have given me a real taste of the markets. Can't wait to be back in Paris at a
french market!

Carina said...

Yum. It all looks so good.

I have to agree with your comment about the food trucks, I've said the same thing to myself. We, and many other villages around us, have food trucks that have their regular days popping up. The two in our town have been around for years.

SE said...

Sigh....I always have to prepare myself for serious "french life envy" when I read your blog. What a wonderful way to start the weekend.

Jennifer F-American Mom in Bordeaux said...

Love your photos - I too love our local market - which is Sunday mornings! I agree so fun to not have to rush around and just take in everything that it has to offer!

miss b said...

How I miss French markets - I lived in France for a year some time ago now and your beautiful photos remind me so much of my time there.

ardiola said...

We have gone today to Narbonne and spent hours in Les Halles, after shopping, we walked from one bar to another one, very enjoyable way to know people and observe the French drinking wine everywhere.I love markets too.

Jennifer said...

Six weeks will fly by and before you know it, you'll be here eating real butter and cheese. Hope you had a good weekend!


Jennifer said...

My husband loves it too. If I want some I have to hide it from him. :)

I've heard that the Ballard Market is wonderful. Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

I have a cart/trolley, but went on Saturday thinking I wouldn't be buying as much as I did. Then I spotted a giant thyme plant for only 2€. After that purchase I wish I had brought my trolley!

Ah, the markets in Paris! There's nothing like them.

Jennifer said...

The markets in Paris and villages all over France have always had plenty of food trucks, so I don't know why they're such a big deal now.

Happy to hear that I helped start your weekend in a nice way.

Jennifer said...

There's definitely a rhythm to shopping at le marché.

Miss b
I hope you come back to France from time to time to get your France "fix?" :)

Jennifer said...

Les Halles in Narbonne is one of the best covered markets I've ever encountered in France. Sounds like you had a great morning!

Unknown said...

Oh, WOW! Open markets are my very favorite thing, no matter where they are. I loved going to a market in Ris Orangis last spring, as well as a Sunday market near St. Eustache-- so much amazing food!

Thanks for your visit!

Jennifer said...

Thanks for stopping by to comment! They're one of my favorite things, too. :)