December 16, 2011

Taking the Plunge

No Diving

Tomorrow we're moving to Normandy.
Please don't think we're crazy.

We've discovered that when you tell people in the south of France that you're moving to the north of France, they tend to think that you've lost it. Completely.

Well, we haven't.

Port en Bessin

We know about the rain and the cold, the drizzle and the damp. We understand that moving from the south of France to the north of France is unconventional.
We've also discovered that most of our friends and acquaintances who think that we've totally gone off the deep end have never actually been to Normandy. And we're surprised and delighted by how many of our friends have already planned trips to come visit, the first one arriving Christmas day.

We also know about the delicious cheese and fresh seafood, the friendly people, the stunning beaches and the gorgeous green landscape.

So it does make me wonder...does Normandy get a bad rap?

Flowered Courtyard

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