December 19, 2011

Photo du Jour - Along the Quai

Moving Scallops

Crates of Coquilles St. Jacques along the quai in Port-en-Bessin. Straight from the sea, heading to tables all over France. 

(a bit blurry as it was is Normandy after all!)

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Unknown said...

I LOVE this shot!

Betty Carlson said...

Remind me -- is Port-en-Bassin the town you live in now? I don't know the area very well...

Juliet said...

Very nice photo. But NO VINES!!!! Hope your journey went well and that you're having fun settling in. Miss you!

Jennifer said...

Merci! I was standing out there, watching a half a dozen vans and trucks load up with all those scallops. It was impressive!
And I'm sure they were all thinking, "what is that crazy woman doing standing in the rain, taking photos of us?"

Yes, it's where we've landed for the time being. Not too far from Honfleur and Bayeux is just 10 minutes away.

But just think of all those juicy, delicious scallops! (yes, I know there are no vines...when are you coming to visit???) :)
Missing you very much. It all seems a bit surreal at the moment and I miss having friends around.
Have a happy Christmas! xo

Michel said...

All of those lovely scallops! Seafood is definitely a holiday food in France, certainly more so than here in USA. Enjoy your new home and have fun exploring Normandy in the months to come. Merry Christmas.

helen tilston said...

A wonderful photo holding a promise of many delicious dinners.

Hope life is good with you


Linda C. said...

Really looking forward to your posts from this part of

Emm said...

Scallops, yum.
Is this the town in your header photo, which is quite wonderful.

spacedlaw said...


klarakapucine said...

Quite a different view ! Exciting.

Lisa Gordon said...

Happy Holidays LouLou!

Sharon T said...

Oh, I would gladly deal with the rain to have that on my door step! I hope your move went well and you are settling in. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas to you!

All is very well here. We're loving it! Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

I'm in the process of uploading another hundred or so right now. :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, it was taken in the same town, a very lively little port town. We're loving our time here.


A very, very different view. :)

Jennifer said...

The same to you and your family. Hope you're enjoying your celebrations.

We're settling in just fine, thanks. :) And the weather has been gorgeous since the day I snapped that photo.
Happy holidays!