August 1, 2011

La Fête du Fromage - le Chardin

le Chardin

Le Chardin is a melt-in-your-mouth, smooth, dense, buttery-rich dreamboat.

Need I say more?

le Chardin

Le Chardin facts:
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helen tilston said...

looks delicious
Thanks for posting
Have a delightful week

Gretchen @ said...

France has such amazing cheese!

Reena said...

Oh, wish I had some here!

Dvora said...

How brilliant the French are, throwing parties to celebrate cheese! Cholesterol be damned (I told that to my doctor, and I meant it). Anyway, I think the wine neutralizes the cholesterol, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

We must remember to take the cheese out of the refrigerator an hour or more before using.

And with such exquisite cheese, we must have the right drink. Some wine such as Cotes du Ventoux blanc goes very well, but I must mention my favorite alternative to wine.

An ice cold drink made with Noilly Prat dry vermouth and Citadelle gin, both French, make for me the best martini ever. Keep the gin in the freezer and mix it 2:1 with the vermouth, put that back in the freezer along with the martini glass. When all is ice cold, pour the mix into the frozen glass, add an olive or lemon twist, enjoy with the cheese.

Sharon T said...

Oh we must, must we? Warm or cold, I'm sure it was wonderful. Thank you for the post!

French Girl in Seattle said...

No, no need to say more. I am drooling as I throw a slice of that plastic-wrapped, bright yellow substance they call "cheese" here on my son's hamburger. ;-) Veronique aka French Girl in Seattle

spacedlaw said...


Murissa said...

Thanks for another great cheese post! I absolutely love cheese and I tend to eat a ton of it in summer because I visit more wineries this time of year. There are so many places that offer a great charcuterie platter or a simple cheese plate.

The Wanderfull Traveler

Anonymous said...

Do they really sell cheese by mail order? That's awesome! Also, this sounds wonderful.

Jennifer said...

It was divine! I'm thinking of ordering some more.
Hope you're having a nice week as well.

It certainly does!

missing moments
It gives you a reason to come to France. :)

Jennifer said...

In my non-medical, wine and cheese loving opinion, the wine definitely neutralizes the cholesterol.

A martini with cheese? Hmmm...interesting. I'm not sure I'm convinced though.

Yes, it was wonderful! At room temperature, of course. :)

Jennifer said...

Yellow cheese product? Oh, that is sad! Quick, go get some real cheese!


Glad you're getting the chance to enjoy lots of cheese and wine this summer. Santé!

Jennifer said...

They do! And they make really delicious Pineau des Charentes as well.